DIF Journey

The DIF Journey is a 4-week course to help us experience unity in the bond of faith. Learn the values, vision, and opportunities of fellowship in the DIF community. Sessions will repeat each month, following the morning worship, from 12:45- 2:30 pm. Locations and lunch menu will be provided. Registration is very helpful, but not required. Families are welcome to attend together. Coloring and puzzle sheets will be on hand, but no separate childcare is available. Lunch for each session is provided; individuals are welcome to bring their own food if they prefer.

Vision 1.0 – Vision 1.0 shows how our history shapes our vision, values and future! An interactive, quick-paced overview of our fellowship’s history, beliefs, governance, and calling

Essentials 2.0 – Explore the essential tools and beliefs that produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ! This is the 2nd topic in “The DIF Journey” experience

Discovery 3.0 – In this session, we will explore personality types and spiritual gifts! God has created you for purpose and blessing!

Connect 4.0 – Session 4 of the DIF Journey: There is a place of fulfilling ministry for you within Christ’s Body! Discern His purposes to use you for the building up of His people. You are wanted and needed!–find the joy of serving at DIF!